We make mistakes.., We are allowed to make mistakes, but the actions we do while mad, will hunting us forever;

We have two eyes and 1 tongue, its means we need to look twice and talk once..

We have two ears and one mouth, so we need to listen more than we talk…

We have two hands and one stomach so we need to work twice than how much we eat…

We have two major brain parts left and right, and one heart, so we can think twice, but feel once…

Isn’t it amazing that our body parts remind us how to live..???

Thinking before doing act

Need patient for life

Maybe I don’t know what is love.

Maybe I don’t know what the way of showing love.

Maybe we will together forever.

Maybe we will have our own separate destiny.

I never know, You never know… We never know…

But i am sure that I Love You deeply and will love you forever… and true.